Following the massive popularity of the GTA game series, the most recent release, GTA V has taken the industry to new heights. Gamers have been waiting for a realistic open-world experience with excellent visuals and gameplay mechanics for a long time. GTA V just gave the players what they needed in a massive open world map, engaging plot & characters, and online content. The fifth iteration has sold over 165 million units and got over 169k views on twitch as of now and countless content on other platforms. GTA V was released in 2013 and survived the test of time like no other before.


A young workaholic, a former bank robber and an old maniac find themselves amid the criminal world, where they are forced to pull off heinous operations for the US government while trusting no one but each other. Throughout their journey of committing crimes, a series of incidents occur that bring out their character moments. You play as three main characters in their story route, which often cross paths with each other. You can even switch characters during missions to meet your advantages. The story reaches its climax with a message of freedom, breaking out of the mess they are trapped in, which is the core theme of the game.


GTA V: Online is an open-world mode where players across the world play together and complete various cooperative stories and events. It also includes Heist missions, races and many more. The best part here is that all the online content is free once you buy the game.


In both GTA V and GTA Online, Heists and Online Heists are large-scale, multi-tiered Missions. These missions provide various paths to completion and allow players to hire aid based on their budget and skill set.

GTA Online presently has seven Online Heists to accomplish, including one two-player instructional. In addition to the thrill of completing a standard heist, there are a number of challenges that can be achieved, such as completing a heist for the first time, completing all heists in order or with the same group of players, or even completing every heist (on Hard difficulty) with the same crew, in order, and with no deaths. Best wishes!


This is probably the most fun to play because of the massive customization library for cars and the selection of race tracks. Races can be played alone or with up to 15 other people (up to 30 in the improved edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC). Even if the player does not win the race, he or she will receive awards such as cash, JP, and RP. Bike Races, Land Races, Water Races, Stunt Races, Air Races (after the Cunning Stunts upgrade), and Target Assault races are the six different racing variants.


For a long time, players have been thinking of creative ideas to add a bit of spice to the game. What stands out the most in a hilarious way is the players role-playing as a made-up character in the game. A player can interact with other players, can voice chat and create a whole drama with voice acting.

Players have been doing this for a while, in other games as well like Runescape and Final Fantasy. But what makes GTA more fun is the kind of stuff players can do. Players can choose a job such as a policeman, mafia, drug dealer, medic, taxi driver, etc. They can also do emotes, have dance moves, change their walking style, and so on. That also includes activities from the normal mode like changing clothes & haircut, eating & drinking to survive, etc. They can even hold custom events like races, parties, heists, and some others. Many people opened their servers where others can join and role play. They can even mod to add or remove certain features to their liking.


GTA V has the most enjoyable soundtrack ever with the most stunning songs performed by famous artists such as ASAP Rocky, Oh No, Twin Shadow, and many others. The test of Hip-hop and pop music sets the mood while driving. Moreover, the vast collection of radio music and shows are kinda entertaining.


GTA V has aged exceptionally well, and it was a joy to return to Los Santos. The attention to detail is still fantastic even a decade later, and it’s much above what most current games can provide. You really need to play this classic if you haven’t already. If you’ve already finished it on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll lose nothing if you skip the next-gen edition, which does little more than offer additional graphics modes.

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