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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Best Anime From The 90s

Evangelion is largely regarded as one of the most influential anime series of the 1990s, if not the entire history of animation. It is well-known for its bold attempts to turn the mecha genre on its head and its deep character development and unconventional storyline. Evangelion has been hailed as a masterpiece by anime aficionados, having been created by acclaimed studio Gainax and written by both celebrated (and sometimes despised) writer Hideaki Anno. Is it deserving such praise?
Simply, yes.


After several years apart, Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father to the metropolis of Neo Tokyo-3 at the age of 14. There, he reluctantly accepts the responsibility of piloting a massive robot known as EVA01 in order to safeguard the world from the mysterious invaders known as “angels.” Despite his recurrent doubts about why he accepted this mission from his estranged and icy father, he gradually accepts himself as a result of his actions. However, it is still unknown why the angels are invading and what his father’s true goals are.


I first learned about Evangelion through the in-development tetralogy The Rebuild of Evangelion, and as a result, I became accustomed to the cutting-edge graphics utilized in higher-budget films. To be honest, the TV series art is beginning to show its age after 20 years; yet, this does not detract in any way from the series, since the art complements the animation quite well.


The sound is also excellent, and a highlight of the event. Excellent music is used to highlight the combat against the Angels, as well as darker periods such as the main cast’s psychological troubles. Later in the series, some of Beethoven’s music is played, which, when combined with the emotional effect of the scenario, creates one of the best anime scenes ever.


By a long shot, the best episode of the series. The struggles of the major characters are prominently included in Evangelion’s tale, which has a devastatingly amazing effect. Evangelion delves into the minds and motivations of these characters, showcasing exactly what makes them tick, and this is what gives us some of anime’s most recognizable and wonderful characters, from weak, timid, daddy-issues Shinji to powerful, arrogant, egotistical Asuka, to the quiet, mysterious Rei, and the dark, apparently agnostic Gendo.


Finally, Evangelion is one of the most powerful anime series ever created. It features strong characters, a complex plot, and art that has only recently begun to reveal its age. What makes the show’s durability even more impressive is that people are still debating it on sites like EvaGeeks, attempting to learn everything there is to know about it. I hope that Evangelion will continue to live on in the hearts of its admirers, who will appreciate its rich, allegorical plot. I hope that Evangelion will always be remembered as a classic animation for people of all ages.


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