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The value has been changed to “Good Doctor” which is a drama that depicts the lives of doctors who strive to bring happiness to families and children. It focuses on pediatricians who save the lives of young children out of a strong sense of obligation, as well as the sorrow and misery that these professionals experience. Due to higher management’s strict pursuit of profit and a fundamentally irrational insurance structure, the raw, uncut reality of a pediatrics department is bound to be subpar. The activities of the doctors, who assume responsibility for the children’s futures rather than just treating them, cause one to reconsider what adults should genuinely do for children. “Good Doctor” tries to convey that persons with disabilities have feelings and dreams just like the rest of us and that they are genuinely lovely people who can touch anyone’s heart. It conveys the idea that what these people require is a sense of belonging, admiration, and acknowledgment as members of society, rather than sympathy and pity.



Many of the musical tracks were excellent, particularly the instrumental portions. Various themes are brilliant, with an ethereal air and meaningless language evocative of Yuki Kaijura. Traditional vocal pieces, however, are significantly more abundant than expected. This resulted in a lot of uninteresting ballads; in one episode, they literally crammed every single one into the action — and then topped it off with a brand new song! Despite the modest overcrowding, the majority of them were at least passable. “I Am In Love” (2BiC), “How Come You Don’t Know?” (Kim Jong Kook), and the late-game offering “Love Medicine” are all standouts (Joo Won).


Good Doctor is an emotionally engaging tale of love and healing that centers on a typical man who is set apart owing to his remarkable condition. Its demise is marked by high ratings, and while I cannot call it faultless, this drama has a unique flare. Definitely worth a look, whether you like the leads or just want a different experience.

As you might expect, Good Doctor has a very talented cast. As the gentle-hearted savant Park Shi On, Joo Won shines well. From the way he held his body to his discourse, everything about his performance screamed research and execution. Prickly Kim Do Han has become something of an internet star, with Korean netizens playfully dubbing him Doctor Wook (“anger”). Joo Sang Wook exudes inherent charisma in this part, convincingly constructing a man marked by both hardness and hidden kindness. Despite the fact that she was given a character with a minimal backstory, something about Moon Chae Won appeals to her. Her Cha Yoon Seo may have a smaller impact, yet she is effective in her role. In any combination, the three have fantastic chemistry. Almost everyone involved in the hospital politics part of the plot felt wasted among the supporting actors. Kim Min Seo, Na Young Hee, and Chun Ho Jin are examples of this (who always seemed thunderstruck).

I notice this review is getting a little long, so I’ll just get right to the point: This drama is very unique, and it should not be missed. It’s amusing, emotional, and real, and it imparts important life lessons. There are no all-evil villains, but each one’s motivation becomes clear. It teaches friendship, family, and love lessons. The only reason I gave it a 9 out of 10 is that near the finish, I was missing the small spark that had been present at the start. I’m not sure what it was, but there was something lacking, maybe it was anything to do with the romance, maybe it was something else. Nonetheless, it is one of the best I have ever seen, and I hope it receives more attention. 9/10




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