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Anime that need a sequel; Vol. 1

It is only disappointing to see a story not getting a proper finish. Though the anime is meant for advertising the source material, they can be enjoyed as a separate medium to experience the story the author meant to convey. Here are some list of shows that truly deserve a sequel to complete the unfinished story.

Spice & Wolf

This is a story about a young man named Lawrence Kraft and a shape-shifting wolf-deity named Holo who travel from town to town trading various goods set in a medieval historical world. While they are trying to earn a profit by doing that, their real goal is to reach Holo’s home where she hasn’t returned in a very long time. In their journey, they run across different circumstances, characters and many events. There are heartfelt moments, fun times and beautiful romance blooms in a fantastic way that is hard to put into words. This is one of those anime that managed to touch many people’s hearts with its story-telling, seamless dialogues, beautiful music and visuals in just two seasons. It’s been 13 years and a massive story is still left to be finished as an anime. And it’s only fair that such a beautiful story receives a beautiful ending.

Altair: A Record of Battles

Altair: A Record of Battles is a war-type anime set in the western part of the great continent Rumeliana. The story follows Mahmut who is a war orphan and wants to ensure that war doesn’t occur that causes the deaths of many innocents by rising the ranks in Türkiye Stratocracy. This was adapted into anime by the animation studio MAPPA and 24 episodes aired in 2017. There aren’t many good war stories with historical settings but this one is a hidden gem. There are showcases of war planning, tactics, also the panic and tragedies that occur. Aside from the war aspect, there are also adventures as the characters travel to different locations for different purposes. The show does an amazing job intriguingly delivering the plot and climactic moments. All that gives off the vibe like the Turkish historic and adventure series “Diriliş: Ertuğrul“. There’s a decent chunk of the story that is untold and we can’t wait to see the rest of it.

MaoYuu ~ Archenemy & Hero

MaoYuu or short for Maō Yūsha is set in a fantasy world, where humans and demons are engaged in war. The rich exploiting from the war and take advantage, while the poor keep suffering. Things started to change when the Hero confronts the Demon Lord, who is surprisingly a young, beautiful lady, who proposes that they should stop fighting and start working to change the world. She opens the Hero’s eyes and shows what fighting has brought upon both their world. Together they secretly join forces and fight corruption on one side, and on the other side work on improving the condition of the poor and helping them become self-sufficient. As the plot progresses, we see more of the world, meet new characters and we see a romance bloom. It has the Spice & Wolf kind of vibe because it focuses on the economic side and also is kind of a predecessor to a new show named I’m Quitting Heroing, which also has the same setup as MaoYuu. The anime ends with the promise of a better future and we have yet to see it through.


This is one of those shows that goes without saying that we need another season and more episodes. With only 2 seasons and 24 episodes total, the plot is yet to be finished. The 2nd season was a bit rushed and dissatisfactory, also have some unpleasant moments, we need a sequel to see the bad guy finally getting punished for what he is in for.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Part is a fantasy, comedy, workplace drama anime where the main premise is to save a theme part from shutting down due to low visitors count. Since the employees are from a magical land, they won’t have any place to go if the park closes. Also, they need the happiness of the crowd in order to survive. The show does an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged by setting up the stakes and introducing new problems every episode. There’s also this tension that what if they can’t reach the goal, which is reminded often. Besides the plot, the show almost feels magical with its interesting characters, dialogue, breathtaking visuals and fantasy-themed music. The anime was animated by Kyoto Animation and 13+1 episodes were aired in 2014. It’s adapted from the visual novel series written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima. There are many mysteries uncovered and the story to continue. A sequel is much needed to explore the rest of this wonderful world.


Barakamon is an anime about self-discovery, finding inspiration and breaking through mental limits. The story follows Handa Seishu who is a professional calligrapher. He was sent to an island far from home to self-reflect after his work was criticized. There he meets a cheerful kid called Kotoishi Naru who shows Handa the way of experiencing life differently, instead of taking things seriously have fun doing what you do. Hench the name, Barakamon which means “Cheerful One”. The show is mostly a slice of life, comedy-drama but within that, a lot of important life lessons can be learned as well. The show does end satisfactorily, but we want more. There’s still a lot to experience and scope for Handa to grow as a character. Most importantly, we want the cheerfulness back that no other show can give as Barakamon delivered.


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