Yankee Jk Kuzuhana-Chan

This is a story of a boy who wants to get into high school, complete it and get done with it. But…

Let me ask you this. What do you think of being the only male student in a school full of girls ? Interesting right..

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This is the same with our protagonist too. Saotome Hadaka has enrolled into all girls high school which was recently turned into co-ed. The school, filled with gyarus and delinquent girls with a male to female ratio of 1:359, what will happen to Saotome-kun ? How will things unfold for Saotome-kun and the students of the school? To know, read this awesome manga.. 

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Filled with comedy and ecchi, mischievous girls playing with the protagonist, the story progression is oddly satisfying. To the cherry on top, the art is absolutely amazing.


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