Ansatsu Kizoku: An Aristocrat’s Secret

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

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“You will be reborn in a fantasy world and kill the Hero”

01 – Quantum of Trust

The roaring of a fighter in the night sky, taking aim at a commercial airliner. It shoots, and the metal body of the plane bursts into slivers. Riding on that plane was the world’s finest assassin: betrayed by the same organization which he once devoted his life to as their tool. 

“Despite being the world’s finest assassin, you foolishly allowed yourself to be assassinated.”

– Goddess (Episode 1)

He awakens to the words of a goddess, presenting him with an option: to have his soul cleansed and thus suffer a true death, or to take up a single mission for her and be reincarnated. This singular mission? To kill the Hero of the land, the very land he must save, before he unknowingly brings about its destruction.

02 – Deal of Reincarnation

Accepting the task, the assassin finds himself reborn in a fantasy world as a royal under the name Lugh; with only 18 years to complete his task and no knowledge of what or even who the Hero is, his hope of completing the mission seems to fall further out of his grasp with every day that passes…


Animated by SILVER LINK, Ansatsu Kizoku shares many similarities in terms of art style to The Misfit of Demon King Academy, another series produced by the same studio. (Author’s note: There isn’t really anything bad to say about overall production quality or sound design either).

03 – Magic of Bonds

The series features theme song performances by Yui Ninomiya (Dark Seeks Light, OP) and Aira Yuuki (A Promise, ED).

Genre and Characters

(Action, Fantasy, Romance)

The story itself follows the miscellaneous escapades of Lugh and his supporters as he embarks on the task of finding and stopping the Hero. Although not established as main points of focus, there are multiple entertaining elements of comedy and romance which play well into the overall plot (although romance becomes a more prominent motivation later on).

01 – Quantum of Trust

Author’s notes

Fun fact: Ansatsu Kizoku is penned by the same author as the infamous Redo of Healer (yep), though don’t let the similarity phase you. As one of the shows that aired in the past season, those who watch seasonals may single it out as one of the standard “isekais” of the season; always the cookie-cutter plot of a stereotypical “killed and reincarnated” plotline featuring some supposedly “revolutionary” new spin. While this may be the case in terms of the premise in Ansatsu Kizoku, the appeal arises more from the way the story is presented, such as some of the more subtle tropes (and fanservice) aspects of this show. The show itself bridges the gap between an overpowered main character and cast, while staying (for the most part) practical in it’s writing. As it begins from the start of his new life, the series covers a lot of the interactions of the characters as they grow up together alongside the main character, which provide both very heartwarming and thoughtful moments dispersed throughout (Tarte is such an adorable character to watch) which seemingly add color to the originally bland premise – creating something a bit more unique than your usual isekai.

01 – Quantum of Trust

Story 8 – ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Presentation 9 – ★★★★★★★★★☆
Characters 8 – ★★★★★★★★☆☆

– An assassin

2022.01.20 – #5


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