Looking for spy story? Action packed but wholesome too? Introducing Spy X family!

Spy X family!

Loid was secretly a spy, due to his latest mission directives however, he must now gather a fake family as part of his cover. Loid was able to form a family with Yor (who is secretly a hitman) and Anya (adopted daughter who is secretly a psychic!) and later on the family is joined by the adorable pet dog Bond.

Although they each live together under the same roof, they attempt to keep their respective secret identities hidden from one another, often to comical effect. The writing builds up the various characters with a good pace and shows us how they slowly but surely become a truly precious, real and loving family.
Sometimes the story makes you forget all about their spy mission and instead, you find yourself rooting for the progression of their sweet family relationship more then anything else!

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Over all this is truly a heart-warming and enjoyable read that we at AnimeKayo heartily recommend! Give it a go and try it for yourself

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Post By – Billy


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