Josee, the Tiger and the Fish; A Touching Tale Of Perseverance & Following Your Dreams

Never give up. If you had to summarize the core message of this movie into one phrase, it would be to never give up. There are a lot more meanings scattered throughout but the ideal of chasing your dreams no matter is what shines through the brightest.

Don’t quit on the things you love!


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The story takes place in modern day Japan and begins as your typical slice of life. Our protagonist Tsuneo is working part time at a diving shop to fund his ocean diving activities while also saving up to travel to a foreign college in pursuit of studying marine biology. It is during this busy time of his life that fate thrusts upon him a chance meeting with a disabled girl who calls herself Josee.

Made by the studio BONES who made other great romantic toned anime’s such as RahXephon and Eureka Seven. One with a keen eye will quickly notice the similarities in art style. However in this movie they’ve taken a step up, the art is gorgeous. And I mean it is really really stellar. Definitely one of the most thoroughly beautiful things I’ve had the pleasure of watching. The entire film feels more like a moving painting then just a standard Japanese animation.

Her gaze giving you em Doki Doki feels heh
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On the other hand we have our co-star Josee. When we first meet her she is a stubborn angsty mess of a girl, giving off the air that she hates everything and everyone. However as the plot progresses we start to slowly unravel the character and explore the way that she sees the world. Not only do we begin to understand her, but by then she begins to change as well.

It’s out of my reach! Everything’s always out of my reach… The healthy will never understand!

A warm love shines between the two.

The film advertised itself as a love story. Yet while the romance is there, and is certainly delightful in it’s own right. I found the film offering me so much more then just the affection between a young man and woman. I found a truly compelling story centered around enduring hardship, surviving, and about succeeding in spite of that very same hardship and pain.

This film left me feeling inspired and just a little bit more hopeful about my own future, and if your anything like me, I think you will feel like that too. Give it a watch and just enjoy the wonderful story and fantastic art, you won’t regret it!

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