Tasogare Otome: The Tale of the Schoolgirl at Dusk


Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

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“The others never feel it when I touch them.”

The old school building – a maze of dead ends, corridors boarded closed and the smell of damp, rotting wood. Legend has it that a ghost roams the building, forever bound after meeting an untimely end. Or so the story goes.

02 – The Maiden’s Meeting

A ghost with amnesia, Yuuko is a bound spirit; connected to the old school building – in which she passed away 60 years prior – for a reason she does not know. One day, she is discovered in the basement by a current student of the school – Teiichi. Taking a liking to her newly found friend, she and Teiichi start a club to investigate her mysterious origins, aptly titled the Paranormal Investigations Club: founded in the room above the basement in which Yuuko’s body lies.

They won’t listen when I talk to them. They see right through me.

– Yuuko (Episode 1)

Yet the grounds of the old school building conceal unsaid secrets and perhaps much more, buried underneath decades worth of lint and forgetfulness. And perhaps with Yuuko’s amnesia, there is more than meets the eye…


Animated by SILVER LINK (a studio known for works such as Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Masamune-kun’s revenge, Strike the Blood, Non non biyori, and much more), Tasogare Otome exhibits vibrant colors and great art, especially impressive considering the year in which it was produced.

01 – Ghost Maiden

The series also features an impressive soundtrack and great sound design, with theme song performances by Suzuki Konomi (Choir Jail, OP) and Okui Aki (Calendrier, ED). (Author’s note: very catchy songs as well).

01 – Ghost Maiden

Genre and Characters

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(Drama, Romance, School, Supernatural, Mystery)

The plot of Tasogare Otome situates itself within the nostalgic school grounds of the 1980’s; with traditional school bells and buildings constructed of wood. The plot centers around the mystery of Yuuko’s connection to the old school building and the other strange occurrences that occur, landing it within the genres of school, supernatural and of course, mystery.

02 – The Maiden’s Meeting

While the story pivots around an element of mystery, it has more than its fair share of comedic occurrences, owing to the whimsical interaction between the characters of the Paranormal Investigations Club (and namely our two main characters: Teiichi and Yuuko). Romance is a major element of the plot (especially in the later half of the season), with two particular characters growing close… although at what cost?

02 – The Maiden’s Meeting

(Author’s note: Above is a generic anime comedic break-type scene, particularly introduced within the beginning days of TV broadcast anime. These scenes give certain shows their signature goofy feel during times it needs it the most. Usually a very welcomed sight, as it always provides a good chuckle.)

Author’s notes

Tasogare Otome is a quintessential anime for the average viewer, however it is often overlooked due to it’s old age and lack of a presence within the anime community; having been animated in 2012 by SILVER LINK (as one of the first shows of the studio). To some, any animation produced pre-circa 2015 may come off as offensive due to its dramatically different art style, although some believe that an art style in itself is not a handicap, but another form of artistic expression. However, aside from its art style, Tasogare Otome has a high quality of production even in comparison to today’s standards. In terms of its story, Tasogare Otome is an interesting anime as it has an extremely unique plot clear of any of the usual tropes, making it a versatile watch for both beginners and veterans alike.

01 – Ghost Maiden

Do be warned however, that Tasogare Otome has its fair share of fanservice and (slightly questionable) moments, in addition to some mild horror scenes (interpret that as you will). (Author’s note: but Yuuko :D).

02 – The Maiden’s Meeting

Story9 – ★★★★★★★★★☆
Presentation7 – ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Characters8 – ★★★★★★★★☆☆

– Twilight

2022.01.14 – #3


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