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SK8 the Infinity – A Fabulous Skateboarding Anime

Sports genre anime have taken today’s anime watchers by storm and have delivered fabulous masterpieces to audiences worldwide such as Haikyuu, Kuroku no Basketball, and many others. Sk8 the Infinity is one such anime series that succeeds in making a sports anime compelling and fun to watch. Well, skateboarding is a very interesting and thrilling sport that gets one’s blood pumping and full of excitement. It is the same for watching as well, only when executed correctly.



Reki, a redheaded high school sophomore, and skateboarder lives in Okinawa. Being a hardcore skateboard lover, he likes to participate in a secret skateboard competition known as “S”. There, competitors race each other on roads carved out of abandoned mines, forming rivalries, known as “beefs” in the process. One day Reki meets the new transfer student Langa and their skateboarding journey starts from there.


The show starts with Reki going to the secret skateboard competition “S”. However he loses his first beef and gets his left hand injured during the competition. Being an easygoing and carefree person, Reki befriends Langa Hasegawa, an introverted and stoic person, very easily. As a transfer student from Canada, Langa searches for a part-time job and ends up working in the same store as Reki. Both having a common interest in skateboarding, Reki starts teaching Langa how to skate. The two begin spending more time together. As Langa being naturally talented, adapts to skating easily and learns under Reki’s guidance pretty fast.


The story is interesting and exciting, filled with action and adventure. It has an emotional side as well that gracefully weaves a meaningful connection with the characters. Meanwhile, It also has plenty of comedic interactions throughout the story to relieve the tension from time to time.

Animation and Music

SK8 The Infinity’s animation is fresh and soothing to the eyes. Studio Bones did a great job making this animation, and the skating scenes literally give goosebumps. The visuals are great and a treat to the eyes.

Soundtrack-wise, the opening ‘paradise’ by Rude-ɑ is somewhat lacking. The ending ‘infinity’ by Yūri is melodious to listen to. Background Music (BGM) is absolutely awesome and keeps us hooked to the edge of our seats.


From what I have seen, there are many rumors floating around the net that sports animes are not good/interesting to watch, and the masses are ending up missing out on some true gems of anime entertainment. I personally suggest everyone who’s reading this post ignore such rumors and not hesitate when it comes to trying out some sports animes. Sk8 has captured the true essence of sportsmanship and the entire plot is very fun and engaging, so it’s really quite hard to get bored. So give it a chance guys, you will not be disappointed.


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Written by Nikhil

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