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Overcooked 2!: Typical Solution For Boredom

Overcooked 2! is a cooperative cooking simulation video game developed and released by Team17 in collaboration with Ghost Town Games. The follow-up to Overcooked!


The Onion Kingdom is once again in trouble, but this time it is the fault of the Onion King himself. He’s created a whole new problem in the form of an Undead Bread army named The Unbread after reading aloud from the fabled Necro-nomnom-icon. To combat this new opponent and save the kingdom once more, players will have to chop, cook, and bake their way through all-new wacky kitchens.

Overcooked! 2 is a game that can be played by 1-4 people. Play alone or with friends, either locally or online, to create a plethora of entirely new dishes. Overcome challenges like fire, falling floors, bossy waiters, and floating work tops.


• Multiplayer online! For the first time, you can cook up a storm in both local and online multiplayer with up to four people!
• Throwing! Throwing is now an actual game mechanic, allowing you to throw ingredients to your other chefs or directly into the pan/blender/onto the floor!
• New mechanics for the levels! In Overcooked 2, new game mechanics such as moving pathways, controllable platforms, and even portals are introduced.
• Levels that change! Dynamic levels will throw you out of the frying pan and into the fire, each giving a new challenge to overcome as the recipes and levels themselves vary!
• A world map that you may interact with! As you travel throughout the map aboard the Onion King’s amphibious air bus, you’ll discover new areas by pressing secret buttons all over the world!
• Kitchens! There are plenty of venues to cook up a storm in Overcooked 2, from the neon lights of a sushi restaurant to the simmering pots of a Wizard school kitchen!
• Recipes! From spaghetti to sushi, pancakes to pizza, familiar and new recipes will need to be prepared to perfection (or at the very least not charred!) Even the most seasoned Overcooked players will be challenged by new recipes, which imply new ingredients and equipment.


•The game’s Too Many Cooks Pack was a pre-order bonus that unlocked five chefs: Unicorn, Monkey, Walrus, Calico Cat, and Purple Alien. It can also be downloaded for a fee.

•The Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC adds 13 tropical-themed stages to the game. It adds two new smoothie and kebab recipes, as well as three new cooks, water guns, and the bellows.

•15 new stages, 2 new recipes, backpacks, and campfires are included in the Campfire Cookoff DLC.

•The Night Of The Hangry Horde DLC adds 12 kitchen levels, eight new Horde Mode levels, new recipes, and a furnace to the game.

•The Carnival of Chaos DLC adds 15 new stages, three new recipes, a sauce dispenser, and a cannon to the game.


Nintendo Switch
Windows/Mac (Steam, Epic Games)


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