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Anime that need a sequel; Vol. 2

We’re back with another list of anime that need a sequel. In Vol. 1, I explained why we need another season and some interesting shows made it to the list. The list here is also worthwhile checking as we expend more into this.

hunter x hunter succession arc

Hunter x Hunter

We all know the manga is coming back since the mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi posted some drawings on Twitter and the internet started going crazy. But what about the anime? There hasn’t been any confirmation since they need enough source materials to adapt from. So it won’t be any time soon we hear the anime’s return. Then again, after seeing many other great shows not returning makes it a little skeptical that HxH anime will return once the manga is finished. But the fans have been waiting, there’s so much stuff left unexplored and a great story to continue.

Yona of the Dawn: Yona badass

Yona of the Dawn

Set in a fantasy world, the story follows a young girl named Yona and her adventures. Once she lived a lavish life as a princess, her life was turned upside down after getting betrayed by someone close to her. Yona becomes a fugitive and is forced to leave her home. Those who were loyal to her family gives her support and help her in her journey to save her country. The anime has an engaging plot and set of characters to get behind. Other points such as voice acting, animation, sound, etc. are also top-notch. It only has 24 episodes and 3 OVAs made by Studio Pierrot. But there are so many elements that make this world rich and fulfilling that only can be experienced in a sequel.
This anime kinda feels like a spiritual predecessor to 2021’s Fena: Pirate Princess, since they both have the same theme.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Engaged to the Unidentified

It feels wholesome when watching a good romance show and Engaged to the Unidentified or Mikakunin de Shinkoukei is a pretty great one. It has a lot of cute moments, character development, a little mystery, comedy and drama. The best thing about the show is the romance aspect blooming despite all the comedy. We see the main couple get closer in time and their chemistry works great. It has a good ending by reaching a satisfying conclusion but we have yet to see the real ending. The anime aired in 2014 with 12 episodes & 2 OVAs. It’s been a while since then and a lot is left until the story concludes.

toilet bound hanako-kun: poster/coverr

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Aired in 2020, the anime brought a pretty interesting concept about Japanese myth and apparitions. Set in high school, the story follows a girl named Yashiro Nene who seeks out the infamous Hanako-kun after hearing a rumor. Hanako-kun, who is known for granting a wish in exchange for something, gets to keep her as an assistant after a certain incident. After that, a lot of other interesting incidents happen involving the 7 mysteries, leading to some bittersweet and some wholesome moments. The anime had 12 episodes made by Studio Lerche and they delivered an awesome job. It has a unique style with a creepy vibe that fits the theme well. You can check our review here. It ended without completing the story and can’t wait to see the rest of the mysteries unfold.

monthly girls' nozaki-kun: poster/cover

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Another romance anime made it to the list, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. The story started when a girl tried to confess to her crush who is a girls’ manga author. He misunderstood and thought she wanted to be an assistant and a comedic routine began unexpectedly. This is more of a comedy focused but romance is present mostly through the secondary characters. The main couple’s relationship doesn’t seem to be progressing but their chemistry works well. So we have yet to see where the story goes and hoping for a new season. 12 episodes came out in 2014 & were made by Studio Doga Koba.

One Punch Man: cover art

One Punch Man

This goes without saying. One Punch Man is a show that works perfectly as an anime. Some prefer the manga but the anime broke all records in 2015. As a parody of the superhero genre, the anime hits the nail perfectly. The 2nd season couldn’t keep up with that due to time constriction but it explored a lot in terms of world-building & other characters. The manga itself generated so much hype, so can’t wait to see how it’s animated. I Hope the animation studio can do justice to this show.


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Written by Rurouni_XYZ

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