Blue Period; The artistic illusion

Blue Period; The artistic illusion
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Animes cover a wide range of genres. However, Blue Period is a perfect blend of drama and art, packed with a sense of emotion towards the main character’s goal. On the other hand, it occupies the top spot on my MUST WATCH anime list. The world of art is beautifully shown, with a dash of hard work and life troubles thrown in for good measure. Some people may be inspired to pursue art as an avocation, similar to how you may have begun playing volleyball after watching Haikyu!!

Now, I’ll admit that this show moved at a slower pace than I had anticipated. However, once you’ve become adjusted to the program’s pace, you’ll notice that you’re paying more attention to the subtleties and meanings that the show is attempting to convey in each scene. That is where the anime shines the brightest! I began to care about all of the characters and their stories. The visual style, animation, and song selections were all fantastic. Every single scene was breathtaking!!

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The show is also educational in terms of art, and it touches on a variety of sensitive topics through the evolution of many characters. Yatora was my personal favorite.

Give this show a chance for an inspiring and eye-opening story that will not disappoint!!!


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Yatora is the ideal high school student and a delinquent as well, with excellent marks and a large number of friends. It’s a carefree performance, but ultimately… uninteresting. But one day, he goes into the art room, and a single painting catches his eye, introducing him to a new level of beauty. He jumps in deep, compelled, and consumed—and he’s about to discover how vicious and unforgiving art can be!

Personal Perspective

Desperate to pursue art as a career just because he felt like enjoying it at its best, Yatora’s character development awes me because of his hard working spirit and how he always strives to push himself to the limit, never giving anything less then his absolute best effort. For a moment it inspires me to pursue art as a career. But I know my limits and art is at is its best when enjoyed at its fullest. Not just because you want it.
Blue Period has a mixed set of emotions. For instance, Ryuji’s unexpected quitting and Maki Kuwana’s failure to pass the entrance exam. Furthermore, Haruka is just applying to Tokyo University of Arts because he enjoys looking at other people’s art; he has no intention of passing the exam. All of this inspires us to go over our personal boundaries and, at the very least, try out our dreams.

Blue Period’s Future

The first season of the anime has so far aired 12 episodes. As Netflix’s first weekly anime series, there was a lot of anticipation for its premiere. Blue Period, thankfully, lived up to the expectations and was a terrific addition to Netflix’s catalog. However, we’re still waiting to hear about Blue Period’s future on Netflix, and we’re hoping for a second season to be announced shortly.


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