Reign of the Seven Spellblades is Ironically Cringy

The good things first: It takes the magic-school aspect and adds sword fights to it which is pretty interesting and that brings some cool fight scenes.

The Production quality is top-notch. It has incredible music and well choreographed fight scenes. Which makes this easily one of the hyped up show this season.

I like how the main premise "Seven Spellblades" are subtly being built up and how the plot took an unexpected turn. But the main issue is...

It's too cringy to sit through. There's just too much talking about stuff that no one cares about with too much seriousness. The characters always have a straight face on and take little things like it's the end of the world and starts dumping more useless info.

None of the scenes are entertaining to watch other than the fights. It just the characters sitting or standing or walking from one place to another while chitchatting then something urgent happens & they put their game faces on... 

It's all just show with zero substance. I dropped this after ep1 then thought I should give this a chance since some shows do have slow start. But after catching up, I regret it.

The whole world is full of arrogant, self-centered aristocrats & freaky bullies that u r forced to wait to see their faces r pummeled. Some of the key character moments are poorly placed too.

The show uses a lot of clichés and baits u w/ them. Typical J.C. Staff adaptation /w a few seconds of well animated fights. All that budget going down the drain.

Imagine if a good show received that kind of quality treatment such as Helck, another fantasy show that's airing this season.

Helck's animation feels like stuck in the 2000s. It's from the studio that started Fairy Tail. But I have faith it'll get better... hopefully.

I don't think I'll check out the manga or light novel when there's this much talking. I'll keep an eye on the anime since it's getting a little better. Is it worth it? Probably not.