Frequently Ask Questions

  • Who we are ?

Read About Us page [Here]

  • So you do all anime and other anime related things?

We do all english subbed, english dubbed and dual audio anime, as for other things we do music,games,novels,manga,wallpaper,anime themes.

  • What this encoding stuffs is about ?

You mean anime encoding !, we encode every big size anime episodes or series into smaller size so people can download easily and faster.(Mostly like 300mb anime to 120mb anime (1080p x265)

  • Really that possible ? What happened to 288 mb … the output sure is waste 😒

Yes, it is possible. This is what we can video encoding. If we use bad settings, then the outputs will be surely waste and you will just delete after downloading. We try to use the best settings for best output .

  • I found some anime as x264 and x265 ? What this about and why the size is difference ?

Telling you the difference will take very much time …

Visit these links, if you want to know the difference between x265 & x265 [ Link, Link2 ]

  • What time do it takes for encoding an anime ?

It depends on the type of anime. We do x265 for ongoing anime, it takes u 4 hours intotal to do all 3 resolutions

Here is cool site which can give you brief idea what time it takes for us to encode an anime Here

  • Where to you get your stuffs from ?

We get them from many torrent sites.

  • Why use ads on website and shortlinker on download links ? It is very annoying 

We are very sorry for that, but even though we are doing this as a hobby, it costs us money.

Using ads on site helps us to run our site, pay our hosting service, etc. Short Links pay belong to uploaders and encoders only, if they want to contribute in site development it is their choice. Also donation is used for site development.

  • You guys do torrent ?

Yes, we do but we do not make torrents for all episodes or series. You can find us in many anime torrent sites (Non active)

  • I would like donate to your site?

You are welcome, but we don’t have any premium service yet, still you want to donate you are most welcome

Contact us on forum or on on any social media page ….. for faster reply chat on telegram [@Darklord]

  • I would like to Join you guys

Please fill this up Join us

  • I got some question

Contact us on forum or on on any social media page ….. for faster reply chat on telegram [@Darklord]


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