A Message from Team Kayo

To All our Visitors and Followers

Team Kayo wants to thank all of you for your great love and support.
Thank you very much for supporting our Anime Website and our Team’s hard work. You gave us enough motivation to continue what we are doing and do better. You are the reason why we keep doing what we do and provide you latest and quality content despite the odds and stress. You gave us enough hope to keep the flame burning – that is, to make AnimeKayo the best anime website out there.
You, our Dear Visitors and Followers, have inspired us to persist and persevere in our work. Your continued patronage has helped us keep this site running.
We are at a loss for words. We are touched…and inspired and motivated to keep this up. It was no smooth sailing. The past year, we faced many obstacles. There were good times and bad. But we made through it somehow.
How much has the site improved? Where does it stand now? What can we do better? This, we asked of ourselves.
Thanks to you people, Animekayo has gathered more than “2M+” views in its first year and is still growing.
We will continue to provide you with quality Anime content. Please continue to support Animekayo : )


We would love to know what you think about AnimeKayo and our Team.
Feel free to drop your feedback and suggestions.

Hey Viewers,
Subscribe to MusicSuki Youtube channel created by Kayo staff member for diverse music like chillstep, dubstep, bass, melodic & other cool EDM.
Also give us your valuable feedback on what you like and dislike about the channel


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