Steins;Gate Anime Review
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Steins;Gate : a splendid Time Traveling Anime

Time travel? Different timelines? That’s definitely a fantasy. The concept of time travel is fascinating and Steins;Gate is one of the very few anime based on the concept of time travel. It aired in 2011 and is animated by studio White Fox, who beforehand made the anime Tears to Tiara and Katanagatari.

At first Steins;Gate is a really weird anime. It’s funny, yet serious. The main plot doesn’t start till the first half of the show.


The show starts slow, and takes the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe, or Hououin Kyouma (as he prefers), through a journey of trials and errors in his quest to reach Steins;Gate – the best possible timeline. The show brings up interesting ideas in terms of the concept of time-travel alongside its superb writing with well executed twists and turns around every corner, which make it definitely an interesting and worthwhile watch.


CharacterVoice artist
Rintarou OkabeMamoru Miyano
Kurisu MakiseAsami Imai
Mayuri ShiinaKana Hanazawa
Itaru HashidaTomokazu Seki
Moeka KiryūSaori Gotō

Let’s dig more into the plot now.

The story is intricately layered, with story lines connecting in a satisfying way and the tension is sprinkled throughout the series in such a way that the audience needs to stay alert and pay attention to the signs. The second half is honestly such a shocker, and the scenes make it even more sad. Plus the last 6 episodes are some of the most heartbreaking ones that I’ve ever seen in an anime, and this is absolutely not a joke.

The story, characters, everything was tied in so well – creating one of the best shows I have seen to this very day.

This show was a very great introduction to Anime. I recommend everyone to check this series out or even pick it up again if you dropped it in the slow start. It is worth watching.

So you have watched Steins;Gate and want to know it’s continuation ?

Well for starters, there is one. It’s a movie called Steins;Gate Movie: Load Region of Déjà vu. This movie is a must watch and I know you’ll give it a shot.

As we get to see how a mad scientist unites with the love of his life. Oops, I’ll say no more.


What do you think?


Written by Nikhil

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