Love After World Domination: “Love Your Enemy”; like literally!

We all have enemies, but what if you fell in love with your enemy? This is the premise of the anime; Love After World Domination. The story focuses on the hero team Gelato 5 and the villain organisation Gekko. Like other romcoms with this formula, two people from the opposing sides fall in love, and the show focuses on how they develop as a couple and how they hide it from the public.


To counter the villainous Secret Society Gekko, who has burned down half the world and plans to burn the rest, the hero group Freezing Sentai Gelato 5 is formed, consisting of Fudo Aikawa (Red Gelato), Hayato Ojino ( Blue Gelato). , Misaki Jingoji (Yellow Gelato), Daigo Todoroki (Green Gelato), Haru Arisugawa (Pink Gelato), and their leader Professor Big Gelato. However, things change when Gekko recruits a new member, Reaper Princess Desumi Magahara. Desumi is not only a formidable fighter, but she and Fudo also fall in love with each other despite being mortal enemies. Even though neither of them has any experience of romance, they begin dating in secret, trying to hide their relationship from their respective associations.

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The show is produced by Project 9 studios. Personally, I think this is one of the better shows they have produced. The art and animation is pretty good. It’s quite noticeable in the fight scenes and the romantic segments. Gelato 5 suits needed better designs, they looked like generic power rangers suits, nothing special.


The sound design did what it needed to do. OP and ED were really good. The sounds that they used in the background really matched the silly romcom vibe of the anime.


I didn’t know that I needed Power Rangers Romeo and Juliet, until I watched this show. It balances romance and comedy perfectly and has well developed characters, both the MCs and the side characters. All in all, “Love After World Domination” is a fun, relaxing, wholesome show that warms up anyone’s day.


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