Komi Can’t Communicate

Among all of the animes which came out last year, Komi Can’t Communicate is probably one of the most unique gems to come our way in a long time. This is one of those typical slice of life genre anime’s but with an atypical focus on communication disorders and extreme social anxiety. It shows us how people who suffer with these issues struggle with simple day-to-day activities.

We are generally not aware that there are many people around us who struggle with communication disorders, we never notice them. They exist but their presence is so low that we don’t even acknowledge them sometimes. But what if there was a person who is perfect in every way and excels in all that they do, yet still possessed a communication disorder? This anime is based on Komi whom is regarded as the goddess of her class because she looks so beautiful and is just amazing at whatever she does.
Thus she has this extraordinary presence where people just can’t avoid her. However unbeknown to others she has social anxiety so she literally can’t communicate with anyone.

The story is based on her day-to-day of how she goes about tackling her unique disorder and the struggles that arise from it in her daily life. Things like how she can’t even muster up a simple greeting or even form a word to say to someone. How our main protagonist notices her and helps in her journey.
The title “Komi Can’t Communicate” already indicates what the story is about and honestly it suits really well with the anime, the creators couldn’t have picked a better one.


The story starts with our main protagonist Hitohito Tadano, a very average guy who on his very first day, is somehow is able to notice that the most beautiful girl in his class has a communication disorder. This girl is none other than Komi. Coincidentally he sits next to her and somehow manages to become her friend. The whole story revolves around the friendship between Komi and Tadano, as well as delving into how Tadano goes about helping Komi deal with her social anxiety.
Komi has a dream to make 100 friends but because of her disorder she is not able to talk to anyone hence she doesn’t have any friends. When Tadano finds out about it he resolves to help Komi accomplish her dream goal.

Characters & Their Respective Voice Artists

Shouko Komi – Aoi Koga
Hitohito Tadano – Gakuto Kajiwara
Najimi Osana – Rie Murakawa
Ren Yamai – Rina Hidaka
Omoharu Nakanaka – Rumi Okubo
Himiko Agari – Yukiyo Fujii
Makeru Yadano – Ami Maeshima
Akako Onigashima – Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Shigeo Chiarai – Kenji Akabane
Taisei Sonoda – Yuga Satō
Mono Shinobino – Kensho Ono
Shōsuke Komi – Junya Enoki
Hitomi Tadano – Maaya Uchida
Shūko Komi – Kikuko Inoue
Masayoshi Komi – Mitsuaki Hoshino
Nokoko Inaka – Megumi Han
Chika Netsuno – Megumi Han
Nene Onemine – Ruriko Aoki
Kaede Otori – Yurika Moriyama
Narrator – Noriko Hidaka

Animation & Score

The animation of Komi Can’t Communicate is amazing, I personally loved it.
Everything, how it was portrayed, how some particular scenes are enacted, it’s all simply beautiful. There are several scenes in particular which are done really well and the stellar animation serves to better engage with the emotions of the audience.
From the very first episode, you’ll notice how smooth the animation quality is.
Although some people criticized the character design of the anime, again I myself personally rather liked it. They designed the characters well and given the very nature of the anime it really suits it. I mean its also supposed to funny and comical and it all just fits together marvellously.

Both the opening and ending segments are great, they match well with the anime and the performers did a wonderful job. The opening is very calm and gives off positive feel-good vibes, additionally the animation of the opening is very well done and is instantly likeable.
The Ending on the other hand is a bit slower and is one of those peaceful type of songs that evoke a feeling like you’ve just returned home after a long adventure. I mean I know the context is different but it’s those sort of vibes you’ll feel after listening to it. Just calm and peaceful surrounded by your loved ones, or maybe you’ve just realized your feelings for something or someone. Overall, you’ll love it so you guys should definitely check them out.

Opening Theme: “Cinderella” by Cider Girl
Ending Theme “Hikareinochi” by Kitri

The background music of the anime matches well with the pacing and it enhances some scenes in its own way. Overall, there are countless scenes in the anime which are portrayed so damn well because of the background music. First episode of the anime, is case in point and you’ll notice right away how much the anime score serves the various scenes.

In Conclusion

Komi Can’t Communicate really is a special anime. Although it’s a slice of life anime, the theme is just so unique. Few stories have really taken the time to focus in on people with actual communication disorders. Now don’t be confusing communication disorders with being an introvert, no that’s very different. Introverts have a choice to change themselves, they don’t communicate well because they want to avoid people and end up getting habitual to it. When it comes to people with genuine communication disorders; they don’t have a choice because they just can’t act how they want to. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a life or that they don’t wanna communicate or make friends. They want to do all that but are just not able to.

The best thing about this anime is how it portrays everything. Scenes, character development and even how it educates people about these disorders. Throughout the course of the series they tell us what exactly these people struggle with and that’s just amazing.
Now there are a few irritating things in the anime, in particular there are some rather vexing characters or personally speaking just one character in particular which I can’t specify without spoiling the story. How they act is personally very irritating so you might feel a bit annoyed by them.
Then again even though it’s a slice of life anime with it’s theme being based in realism to a certain degree; nevertheless it has its moments where its ridiculously stupid.

But at the end of the day it’s a fictional story. So just enjoy it without specifically digging for the technicalities.
This doesn’t mean by any chance that it’s a bad anime, frankly it’s an amazing one and really addictive at that too. Once you begin I have no doubt that you’ll finish it in no time.

In conclusion Komi Can’t Communicate is amazing just like Komi-chan herself is. It is a must watch anime of the year.


What do you think?


Written by NinXyami

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