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First Impression on Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is what I would describe as the definition of insanity. In a violent, gritty world, where devils and monsters roam free, someone is trying to find a normal life by selling wood, his body parts, and working as a devil hunter. It’s either the world is crazy, or the person trying to live in such a world is crazy. This is the reaction of someone who has no prior knowledge of manga.

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Denji & chainsaw demon - Chainsaw man episode 1 screenshot
Denji & chainsaw demon

For someone who enjoys laid-back, moe, cutesy shows, this is like the whole world crashing on my head. Denji, who is in debt to the yakuza because of his dead-bit father, trying to make ends meet. The only one to talk to is his chainsaw demon, who aids him in his devil hunting and chopping wood. It has one of the, by far, most unique visuals with color grading, lighting, shading, etc. The visuals feel straight from a horror anime like Perfect Blue or Aku no Hana. In the first half of the episode, it managed to get us emotionally attached to the main character. He is brash and reckless, yet more human than any other Shounen protagonist. It’s like taking an optimistic Shounen hero and stranding him in this world, where the only logic is to survive no matter what.

Wish they’d at least let me dream… It’s not like I’m asking to be rich. All I want is a normal life. And I can’t even have that?

Denji – Chainsaw Man

Later, in a grotesque but emotional way, we see the advent of the Chainsaw Man, conveyed with an equally crazy soundtrack and animation. It’s hard to explain how fitting and impactful the animation is. In the end, Denji finally gets to make his way towards a normal life with jam on bread as breakfast.

After Thought

This is not for the faint of heart, but it has life lessons for everyone. We as normal people don’t often appreciate what we have and complain about this & that. Chainsaw man might help you open your eyes a little and be thankful for having a life. The very first episode “Dog & Chainsaw” is just about that.

The anime is going to have 12 episodes and is being adapted by Studio MAPPA. I highly recommend watching this to those who care about the story as much as the action.

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