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Erased – A blast from the past

Erased is probably the simplest yet really different anime of all the time. “Boku dake ga Inai Machi“or as the English Dub call it “Erased”. It is probably one of the best choice for those who wants to start watching anime. The story is really gripping, the plot is simple but the way it is portrait is just amazing, the characters and their development is pretty good. Even though the series only have 12 episodes, it pretty much covers everything.

“Boku dake ga Inai Machi” in English it means “The town without only me” kinda depressing, isn’t it? The name in itself doesn’t really tell much about the story but we are gonna use “Erased” in the following review because well its easy.


The story simply starts with an average guy who is actually quite old, compared to at any other anime protagonist. Anyway, our main hero “Satoru Fujinuma” is a 29-year-old depressed guy who is living a pathetic life where he is not what he wants to be. He is a manga artist but since his story lacks content people want him to look deeper into his own thoughts but he is afraid to do it because of many guilts which I can’t really specify without spoiling the story. Either way what am trying to say is that since he is not able to do well as a mangaka, he works part time as a delivery man for Oasi Pizza. Again, like most protagonist he is an introvert with not many friends.

Unbeknownst to others, our guy actually holds a secret, the ability which he calls revival which allows him to go back in time during any tragedy that happens if Satoru is nearby. This allows Satoru to prevent bad things from happening.

The main plot of story revolves around the former classmate of Satoru, “Kayo Hinazuki”. The whole story is actually about Satoru saving her from being murdered by going back in the past. And yea that pretty much sums up the whole plot.

Characters and their voice artists

Satoru FujinumaShinnosuke Mitshushima, Tao Tsuchiya (adult)
Kayo HinazukiAoi Yuki
Airi KatagiriChinatsu Akasaki
Sachiko FujinumaMinami Takayama
Jun ShiratoriTakahiro Mizushima
Kenya KobayashiYo Taichi, Tasuku Emoto (adult)
Gaku YashiroMitsuru Miyamoto
Satoru FujinumaShinnosuke Mitshushima, Tao Tsuchiya (adult)
Hiromi SugitaAkari kito, Atsushi Tamaru (adult)

Animation and Music

The animation of erased is exactly how it’s supposed to be for a thriller anime without any fights. It kinda reminds me of Detective Conan. It’s not gonna let you down and you will actually end up enjoying it.

Both Opening and Ending themes of the anime are just phenomenal. They really match well with the anime, especially lyrics and the music. The ending in fact got me really hooked and it’s still in my playlist. You guys should check them out after watching the anime.

Opening Theme“Re:Re” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Ending Theme“Sore Wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna” by Sayuri

One thing I would like to mention is the background music of the anime. The music playing during some of the scenes really brings out a lot of emotions and are truly amazing. They really match the whole vibe of the anime and enhanced the scene in their own way. I can’t really describe this without giving any spoilers but I am sure you guys will like it.


Erased is amazing and it works really well as a starting anime for those who wants to start watching animes. The story is amazing, both opening and ending themes are addictive and it’s really short. It isn’t one of those animes with lot of twist or any suspense, like moreover you will easily get an idea of who is the main villain. It’s just how they portrayed the whole concept is what would drive you in this anime. Even those who don’t like animes would find it addictive.

It’s also one of those rare animes where English dub is actually okay. Of course, the sub is always better but dub did a really good job as well.

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