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First Impression on Mob Psycho 100 season 3

Just like the previous two seasons, this one also starts with explaining who psychics are and with a banger OP. And just like before, Mob is stuck in a dilemma. This time, it’s a career path survey.

~Minor Spoilers~
Watching the episode firsthand is an excellent decision

I like how the show always starts with something supernatural and larger-than-life aspects. But then it’s just a normal, day-to-day problems a middle schooler goes through. As if psychic power is totally absent in this anime. Mob fantasizing about his childhood crush, Tsubomi, cannot decide what to do with the problem he is facing, talking to people around him about it, as usual. Mob thinks he doesn’t have any special talent to choose a career based on that. He even fears that he will turn into a NEET. Turns out all he needed was a pep talk. After a talk with his schoolteacher and “master” Reigen, he finally reaches a conclusion.

Mob looking at Tsubomi - Mob Psycho 100 season 3 episode 1
Mob looking at Tsubomi as usual

As always, the animation is great. The little movements, comedic expressions, special effects, and most importantly, storyboarding, all were handled masterfully. In one scene it’s laid back, in the next it’s oozing a creepy and nasty vibe. The threat here presents more of an ideological conflict, rather than a powerhouse with destructive power, which is fitting to the overall theme and connects with Mob’s character development. It all feels like a poetic way of storytelling. What else can I say, Mob is back again.

After thought

It was a dialogue-heavy episode, rather than heavy action. But it did a great job as the opener for this season. The story is about Mob and his coming of age, and that’s where we’re heading.

I still think the second season’s first episode is the best in terms of everything.


What do you think?


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