Doraemon: A forgotten Legend

Doraemon has always been a favourite anime of mine, and it has remained so since I first started watching it as a child. To be honest, I still watch it every now and then. Moreover, it’s not embarrassing for me to write about it as an adult. Moreover, we’ve all wished to have a Doraemon in our lives, maybe in the future we might. But in reality we already have one in different forms, we just don’t know it yet. Be it our parents, our friends or guardian angels. There’s always someone watching over you. Let’s cut to the chase and review it.

Doraemon is a fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series of the same name, created by Fujiko Fujio. Born on September 3, 2112, Doraemon’s name came from combining two words – “dora” for “stray” (“dora neko” which means stray cat) and “emon” for “male”. He was a factory-rejected robot originally yellow in colour. Still he managed to help Nobita at all costs and remained with him for the rest of the series. Actually Doraemon is kinda overworked and always loved by Nobita and other members. Sometimes he’s troubled by Nobita to an unbelievable extent but Nobita does not forget to care about him. Every episode, every movie has taught us some values besides entertainment and fantasy. Like caring about your friends, identifying fake friends, the importance of friends, not only friends but also the importance of family has been very well portrayed in it. Nobita is a troubled kid who always needs help to push forward. In Fact he’s weak at sports, studies and life. But Doreamon doesn’t stop helping him. He also encourages him to do stuff on his own. If you would’ve seen both Stand  By Me movie parts, it left me completely depressed about how well the creators displayed this work of art.

Nobita always tries to excel at everything, but due to his lack of consciousness he messes everything up. Because of his laziness he finds a way to do the tasks quickly and in short. Even Jeff Bezoz says, “I’d rather hire a lazy man ‘cause he’ll always find a better way to do the task easy and quick”. 

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I remember how much I used to enjoy Doraemon when I was a child. How I used to wake up early for the morning show. But anyways, we’re past that stage. For those who’re reading this might still love the show or came here out of intrigue. However, a part of me always wanted Nobita to succeed in life, I mean he’s the protagonist after all. Moreover, Doreamon’s journey to help Nobita tackle the obstacles should be peaceful. Not to mention, the compelling efforts of Gian and Suneo to disarrange their efforts and enjoy the journey at the same time. It makes me think that somewhat fun hardships are very essential for us to grow further.

“For those who haven’t experienced anything and always live in the fantasy world, just thinking about the things their way. They can’t enjoy the journey of life to their fullest. They’ll only be worried about success. But success doesn’t favour the brave everytime. Even a little bit of clumsiness and brains can achieve success.”

Let’s get back to the topic. The show literally made us rethink our lives and encouraged us to grow further in life. Every time not a Doreamon will be present in our lives, sometimes some Gian and Suneo will beat us up to hell when Doreamon will be unavailable. So as Nobita stands up to them with honour, so do we. Referring to the last part of the movie Stand By Me. As I say, it is both entertaining as well as teaching life-lessons at the same time only if we’re smart enough to recognise its value.


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