Quanzhi Fashi season 3

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quanzhi fashi season 3

Quanzhi Fashi season 3 – the continuation of the popular anime series in the genre of fantasy, created in China.

Release date anime series Quanzhi Fashi season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – October 11, 2018.


The hero of the anime “Quanzhi Fash” Mo Fan was the most ordinary teenager. His parents were not very rich. Once, while on a walk in the mountainous terrain, the boy met an old man.

This man gave him an extraordinary amulet – a mystical pendant. It was immediately evident that this rarity emits some powerful energy.

Since that moment, the life of Mo Fan has changed dramatically. The young man became interested in magic. It turned out that there is a special educational institution where they teach the wisdom of magic. The boy’s father helped him get to study in such an academy.

So Mo Fan became a third grade student of this magic school. Each of the students here is able to control a certain magic-element. In the beginning, Mo did not have any abilities.

Classmates chuckled at him, believing that he was in the academy for blatu. And yet, when once again Mo Fan hung his hand on the waking ball, he received a rare gift of magic-fire.

Literally at once the youth awakened the second element of magic – lightning. This is a rare gift that only the greatest mages can possess. Soon everyone will learn about the extraordinary abilities of Mo Fan.

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